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Privacy Policy

We at Star Holiday Mart Pte Ltd (SHM) are aware that making online bookings involves a great deal of trust of our consumer. We take this trust very seriously, and make it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us.

By using our websites and/or making online bookings, we ensure that we will be accountable for compliance of personal information & usage practices to our privacy policy which applies to data collected on Star Holiday Mart B2B Inbound Portal (SHM B2B). In addition we handle and protect your personal information in accordance with privacy policy standard.

Specifying Purpose
SHM only record Personal Identification and other information that we reasonably require to do business with users. SHM collects your full name, email address and emergency phone number when booking with SHM B2B. SHM will also collect credit card (if you choose to pay using credit card in our PayPal service)information such as card number, card type, security number, card holder name, expiry date to pay for the product that you purchased. The purposed of Personal data collected with you encompass in several different points:

  1. To establish your identification
  2. Protect you and us from error and fraud
  3. Understand your needs and eligibility for products and services
  4. Recommend particulars products and services to meet your needs
  5. Provide ongoing services
  6. Comply with legal requirements
  7. Offer other product that are suitable to you

SHM does not disclose any personal information about users unless otherwise third parties required your name, contact number and email address. The personal information will be protected in a manner that is consistent with this privacy policy. Disclosure may include without limitation in the following situations;

  1. For the completion of your travel/purchase reservation, your personal information is provided as needed to third party product and service providers and distributors including without limitations the airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, travel insurance agencies or other third parties authorized by SHM, whenever you purchase or reserve travel with SHM.
  2. When required by law to disclose the personal information
  3. To protect the rights and property of SHM
  4. To perform market research surveys or to offer you additional products and services

In each case describe in this section, SHM will only share personal information after obtaining users permission. We assure users that consent will be prior to use of their personal data.

Limiting Collection
The user information collected by SHM must be limited to those details necessary for the purpose identified. The requirement that personal information be collected by fair and lawful means is intended to prevent SHM from collecting information by misleading or deceiving consumer about the purpose for which information is being collected. This requirement implies that consent with respect to collection must not be obtained through deception.
Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

  1. SHM is the administrator of all personal information collected in SHM B2B; we do not disclose, share, transfer, sell or rent any personal information to third parties. Occasionally, registered user received email on special promotions we hold. Out of respect for the privacy of our users, you may opt-out of receiving these communications by replying to unsubscribe in the subject line.
  2. SHM does not keep personal data for longer than is necessary for those purposes for which they are collected. We will ensure to obtain approval from the user if we should require the use of personal data for a new purpose.
  3. SHM has developed guidelines and implemented procedures to govern the destruction of personal data that are no longer required to fulfill the identified purposes.
  4. SHM does not use "cookies", “web-bugs” or any other tracking technologies to collect information from users of our web site.
  5. SHM would not display or make publicly available, whether through online directories, customer lists or otherwise, the personally identifiable information collected.

SHM ensures all users that all personal information collected is accurate and kept up to date.  SHM will only make a request to users for updates of personal data if the update is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected. SHM does not maintain duplicate copies of personal information in different systems.


  1. SHM ensure all users that appropriate security safeguards are in place to protect personal data against unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, copying, use, alteration, accidental loss or theft, destruction or damage.
  2. Only authorized personnel’s have access to our systems.  Consultants, contractors or other temporary employees do not have access to the data.
  3. SHM employees are aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality of the personal data collected from users. Circulars are distributed to all employees to ensure they are aware of the compliance.


  1. SHM data protection policy (Privacy Policy) is displayed on the web site and the policy is set out in the same language medium as the website.  SHM encourages all users to read the Privacy Policy to understand the objective of collecting personal data.
  2. Users can write to us to request to obtain details of personal data submitted to SHM by informing us through e-mail and addressed to general@starmart.com.sg
  3. All complaints and requests can be made at general@starmart.com.sg

Individual Access and Correction

  1. SHM allows users the right to access their personal information and the clients’ information which they have submitted on behalf. Users can access their personal information by using their respective username and password to gain access to their personal information.
  2. If you’re personally identifiable information changes please inform us through e-mail and addressed to general@starmart.com.sg
  3. SHM will respond to customer’s request within a reasonable time and we do not charge any fee for providing the information requested.

Challenging Compliance
SHM mechanisms and processes are in place to receive and address complaints or inquiries about our policies and procedures relating to the handling of personal data. Appropriate measures to be taken to amend policies and procedures if a complaint is found to be justified.

Protection of Minors
Users under the age of 18 years are not eligible to use our SHM B2B and purchase our services online unsupervised. If you are under the age of 18 years, you need to be under the supervision of your parents/legal guardian or obtain consent from your parents/legal guardian.

This website may contain links to other websites; SHM is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party.